oh hi, thanks for checking in, I'm 🎶still a piece of GARBAGE🎶 - bill wurtz (2015)
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hello there! It’s been a while since I made my last update post so I want to make a new one because a lot has happened for the past few months; some good, some bad but I have big plans and changes for this year so I want to address them all just in case if there are some confusions. This will be a quick update because after writing this post, I will very busy with both drawing and real life so uhhhh yeah.

Before I start, I’ve made a promise that once I reach 200 followers on Newgrounds, I’ll be dancing the infamous JoJo torture dance. If you want to see me, do it, go follow me on Newgrounds which will not only motivate me to continue my hobby of drawing but also do the torture dance.

So, the first thing I want to address is my pico timelapse, I know I said that I’ll be working on it but I’ve been neglecting to finish it because so much has been happening after finishing the artwork that it has been less of a priority. Probably once I have free time, I could finish it but as of right now, it’ll be on hold until I have enough time to finish it.

As for June, it’ll probably be my busiest because not only I’ll be posting my submission for the Eddsworld artwork, but also, I’ll be preparing as well as taking my UPCAT exams so I’ll be less active next month. I’ll be reviewing and studying my hardest next month so yeah good luck to me, I guess.

Speaking of Eddsworld, yes I am gonna participate in the Eddsworld charity contest because not only it helped me teach the basics of being in a community as well as being a huge inspiration for my drawing/art style, but it also helped me get through some of the hardest moments of my life so this series holds a special place in my heart and I want to make sure that I do my drawing right. I’m still thinking of what I should do for my Eddsworld, I don’t want it to be overly ambitious like my pico day drawing but I want it to be something that I'm proud of. Probably next week I’ll start planning out what will it be and sketching it.

Ok, THIS is why I want to make an update blog in the first place, I have made a new Twitter account wherein I’ll be posting mainly brawl stars artwork. If you’re wondering why I'm doing this is because its difficult for me to promote my bs drawings since my personal acc mostly targeted at us ng people (blame my egotistical self lol). I also want to use this opportunity to practice posting weekly artwork because I always procrastinate when I’m not in a drawing mood and I want to empty my creative juice as much as possible because it has been filling up over time. Don’t worry, I will still be posting non-brawl stars, personal, and ambitious drawings on my personal acc, I just want to experiment myself If I can balance myself both online and in.

As for drawing, I have so many drawing ideas that I want to do but since time is a bitch, I’ll lay them all here for you guys to see so that I can remind myself to finish most of them (some of them are nearly done but I either lost motivation or busy with other drawings):

  • Lupin 3rd drawing (I've been in a Lupin 3rd mood for a while so why not make a Lupin 3rd drawing to accompany it?)
  • New OC (it's not another catgirl I swear)
  • Classic Sonic Drawing (since I made my classic sonic drawings on my whiteboard, I want to convert them into digital drawings)
  • Walter White Art (I've been practicing drawing realistic faces so I want to tackle Walter White next)
  • New previous OC original drawing (I have a cool landscape drawing idea for one of my old OCs which will take inspiration from the ENA series)
  • Mario Movie Drawing (I want to try the Mario art style and use it to either recreate the Mario movie poster or make my own)
  • Brawl Stars x Breaking Bad (trust me, it’ll make sense once I draw the sketch)
  • Brawl Stars x TOTK (since bs made a fanart for totk, I’ll do the same thing)
  • TOTK drawing ideas (I have two totk drawing ideas actually, I just haven’t started it yet because I haven’t played TOTK yet, IM STILL FINISHING BOTW OK)
  • Metal Gear Solid (idk if I might do it but maybe I will at some point)
  • Jotaro Kujo drawing (actually, this was supposed to tie into when the sketch collab happened but I didn’t manage to finish it so maybe on my bday ill finish it)
  • Other Brawl Stars Drawing (just some brawl stars drawing I want to do, one of them is experimental cuz I'm trying a different art style)
  • Unnamed drawing (I'm keeping it a secret cuz it has been on hiatus since 2022 but I really wanna finish it)
  • Xenoblade Drawing (I was supposed to draw it once Xenoblade 3 was released but I played it for 100 hours that I forgot to finish it xd)
  • FNF drawing (felt like playing FNF again so I want to exaggerate it into a drawing)

So yeah, that’s all of them. Some of them are close to being finished so expect some of them to be posted in the coming weeks once this update blog is posted.

On a more serious note, my grandpa has recently passed away and my family has been hard at work preparing for his funeral so I won't be active during the weekends but don’t worry cuz most likely I have prepared some drawings that I’ll be posting on Friday (probably).

And yeah, that should be it, I hope this will bring more clarity as to what’s been happening behind the scenes and that’s about it, see ya.

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